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Knife Engraving Information

The above is a sample of the three different fonts available for engraving.  The top one is our most popular: Times New Roman, the middle is Fancy Script, and the bottom one is called Avante Guard.   You can send an email after your order is placed to select the font used.  If we do not receive an email from you stating your preference, then the Times New Roman font will be used.  Due to the nature of engraving, all engraved items are not returnable.  Engraved knives, however, still carry the full warranty of their manufacturer.

The knife will almost always be engraved on the back of the knife, at the top, starting near the handle.  Some knife manufacturers have their logos there in which case it will be moved to the front of the knife. 

Please see the list below to see how the 9.95 engraving option will be used on different products.

Individual Knives                               The knife will be engraved on the back of the blade if possible.
2, 3 and 4 Piece Knife Sets                The chefs knife will be engraved.
Knife Block Sets                                The chefs knife will be engraved as well as a metal plate for the wood block.
Student Culinary Kits                         The chefs, boning and paring knife will be engraved. 
                                                         We can usually only fit initials on the paring knife

Additional engraving for knives not included in the above list can be purchased below at a discounted rate.  For example, if you purchased a three piece knife set and chose the engraving option but wanted all three knives engraved, you would purchase two additional engravings below.  These discounted engraving rates only apply to items purchased with the engraving option.  If you have any questions about engraving please call or email us.


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Additional Knife Engraving
Additional Knife Engraving
Our Price: $7.95

To be used to engrave additional knives in knife sets when the engraving option was chosen.
Knife Engraving Information