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Although sharpening steels keep a knife sharp for a period of time, all knives need to be sharpened. There are several stones and sharpening kits available that work well, but there is no substitute for professional sharpening.

Our family business started sharpening knives in 1922 using a Moleta ( a knife sharpening / push cart ) on the streets of Philadelphia. Four generations later, we still sharpen over 1000 knives a week for local restaurants, butcher shops and personal households. All speciality knives are sharpened by hand on a water-cooled belt machine that was imported from Germany. We use progressive grit belts to remove any sharpening scratches which also leaves a very sharp edge.

Factory Authorized Knife Sharpening for :

Wüsthof-Trident, JA Henckels, Global, Kershaw Shun & Masahiro

Sharpening Prices:
Knives in normal condition, small chips or small broken points included.

Knives under 4 inches $5.00
Knives 4 in. - 7 in. $6.00
Knives 8 in. - 11 in. $7.00
X Large Knives 12 in and up $8.00
Scissors/Shears $15.00
( We sharpen all types of scissors including high end professional styling shears)

Engraving Available:

Knives can be engraved for 9.95. They are done on a computerized engraver with several fonts and sizes available.

Repair Prices:
An additional charge of $2.00 - $5.00 may apply on knives with severely chipped edges, broken tips, or knives that have worn out of shape.

* We can not repair handles. *

Return Shipping is $10.95. Your knives usually will be sharpened the day after we receive them and shipped out the next business day via UPS ground.

To get your knives professionally sharpened, print out the Sharpening Packaging Sheet.
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Professional Knife Sharpening