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More About ZYLISS

Zyliss’ heritage of excellence in the high-end kitchen tools and gadgets category began in Switzerland more than 50 years ago. Internationally-respected for design, functionality, and durability, the Zyliss brand is favored by both everyday cooks and renowned gourmet chefs around the world.

Zyliss’ namesake, Mr. Karl Zysset of Lyss, Switzerland was known as an inveterate tinkerer, handyman, and manufacturer. By 1948, Mr. Zysset focused his vision to gadgets and tools – developing the first garlic press. He leveraged his acquired know-how to produce other kitchen gadgets, including the core group of kitchen tool essentials still considered the standard-bearers in the industry - Garlic Press, Salad Spinner, Food Chopper, Rotary Cheese Grater. Since 1951, Zyliss has expanded beyond Europe’s borders to become a leading purveyor of premium-quality, thoughtfully designed, and carefully-constructed kitchen tools. More than 150 gadgets now comprise the Zyliss line.

Today Zyliss still continues its founder’s tradition of innovation in the kitchen tools category. Chief among these innovations is the Zyliss Easy Spin® Salad Spinner. Zyliss joined precision engineering and smart design to develop what is considered the gold standard in salad spinners. A second innovation by Zyliss is the Susi Garlic Press, which gained international renown for its ease-of-use, exceptional performance, and intuitive engineering. Restaurants and household kitchens around the world are home to another Zyliss perfected tool, the Rotary Cheese Grater. The newest grater innovation is the slim profile, smooth-operating All Cheese Grater, which grates both hard and soft cheeses. New introductions by Zyliss that have also captured attention more recently include the Folding Mandoline Slicer, the Electric Disc Grater, the Soft Skin Peeler; the Palm Held Pizza Slicer, and the stacking Measuring Cups.

Inspiration for Zyliss products is derived from anticipating changes in lifestyle trends worldwide. Season after season, Zyliss introduces products that reflect a remarkable sensitivity to consumer demands in the areas of ergonomics, color in the home, and use of technology. The results are Zyliss kitchen tools that help consumers to “Eat Healthy. Live Healthy.”

Worldwide recognition for Zyliss is underscored by a multitude of international reddot awards, presented to seven products in the Zyliss line since 2003. The reddot is only awarded to products that achieve distinction for both design and functionality. Zyliss is based in Irvine, California.

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